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Painting over Wallpaper

It can be quite difficult to remove the wallpaper from your walls. Moreover, when removing the wallpaper, you can cause serious damage. However, in case your wallpaper does not have any adhesion failure and it is in great condition, you don’t have to remove it. By doing so, your walls won’t be damaged and you can start painting over the wallpaper right away.

  • Preparing the walls prior to painting

Before you apply any paint layer, you need to prepare the walls. You can do so by sticking to the following steps. First of all, you must replace the damaged sections. Also, the loose pieces must be stuck with adhesive. At the joint points between the ceiling or floor and wallpaper, you should add a clear caulk line. Thus, the edges will be sealed and the paper won’t peel off. Use a spackle or joint compound to cover the textured paper. Add a thin coat. This substance will smooth up the surface and so the paint won’t reveal the texture. The wallpaper seams must be sanded down extremely gently so as to not become noticeable. Before applying the painting, you must add an oil – based primer. This way, you’ll be sure that the adhesive is sealed within the paper. At the same time, it divides the paint from the adhesive. One of the best primers is Fresh Start from Benjamin Moore. After you’ve done this, you can start painting. Specialists recommend using oil – based paint, because latex paint can cause peeling or bubbles.

  • Reasons for using oil – based primer

Primer is basically a sealant used on new surfaces. Its main characteristics are that it is an extraordinary first coat that allows you to switch colors. For example, it enables you to paint a red wall in white painting. Also, it offers an even finish and a better adherence. Primer comes in various types. The most used are the oil – based primers and water – based latex. The advantages of oil – based primer are that it can be used on latex finish coats and oil – based finish coats. On the other hand, the oil – based paints are usually inflexible. The oil – based primer is great on all types of materials, including metal finishes, and can even be used for the exterior walls. In addition, the primer can also help you get rid of fumes. All you have to do is add some vanilla extract in the primer. Also, remember to open the windows when using paints and primer.

  • Reasons for using oil – based paint

Oil – based paint comes with a more shiny and high gloss finish. When the paining is finished you’ll certainly adore that shiny appearance of your walls. Additionally, it is stain resistant and durable and it’s a great choice for household trim, bathrooms and kitchens. Oil – based paints are excellent for hard – wearing finishes. Moreover, this type of paint can be used to create various paint effects including marbling. These are the main reasons why you should use oil – based paint.



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