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Give Your Home a Little Gift for Christmas

  • Use stencils to design modern walls and make warm and cozy interiors

Hanging wallpaper is fine, but it’s always better to stencil your walls. This procedure is extremely simple and creates an interesting design. Moreover, it doesn’t carry the hassle of applying wallpaper.

Cheap and simple

A room looks fantastic in wallpaper. Still, it requires a lot of labor and effort. On the other hand, stenciling is much simpler and has a similar effect. You can make use of custom design combinations and you can either stencil the entire wall or add a border. Through stencils you can accentuate your wall’s design by using different patterns. The result is attractive and the procedure is much simpler than applying wallpaper.

Stencil styles

If you simply want to add a border by using stencils, you have to make use of a guideline to keep the line straight. First, you need to measure the line and afterwards draw it with a piece of chalk or a pencil. This will be the reference point for your stencil. After you paint the stencil design, you have to remove the stencil immediately, while the paint is damp. When you take away the stencil, make sure you don’t ruin the design.  The stencil will be moved to the following spot and so on. If you’re using 2 or more colors, wait until the first color is dry.

Stenciling is much more advantageous because if you’re tired of the design, you can always paint over it. The wallpaper must first be removed to paint the walls underneath. Moreover, in case you make a tiny mistake while using stencils, you can always paint over and cover the mistake. Thus, stenciling can be immediately updated.

  • Your walls can have a unique finish with Faux Finish techniques

There are numerous faux painting techniques and they all use texture tricks, paint colors, glaze or plaster. These techniques can be used for a piece of furniture or for a room. The most common faux painting methods are:

Faux Terra Cotta: the Terra Cotta look can be easily obtained by using a cardboard backing and foam rubber. The procedure is called stamping and it’s extremely cheap. It is mainly used for flooring. After you complete the stamping process, you should use polyurethane coating to seal the floors.

Faux Woodgraining: this technique can be used for walls or floors. You can simply drag the paint and afterwards glaze it make it to look like wood grain. This method is more complicated, but if you know exactly how to do it, it will look like real hardwood.

Faux Marbling: this technique requires more steps to be achieved. This finish must have depth. Also, you should not overdo the areas and you have to make use of the right veining procedure to create the veins. If you don’t stick to these guidelines, the final result will be far from the real marble’s lustrous look. The perfect marble look can be acquired with a special dabbing technique. A visual aid, like a piece of marble will help you imitate the look.

Faux Stone: this technique is great for walls because it can conceal various damages. The texture is created from wall compound and the patterns are manipulated with a trowel. In the end, you will need a glazing paint color.

  • With a homemade painted headboard you can change your bedroom’s appearance

A bedroom can be instantly personalized with a headboard that leans against or attaches to the wall. So, you don’t need to occupy the entire space in your room or build a new bed frame. The mattress and the box springs can be supported by a cheap metal frame and the headboard will sit behind the bed. Before starting manufacturing your homemade headboard, there are a few things that you should take into consideration.

Think about a preferred style, height, the mattress’ size and the attaching mode. It all depends on the overall design of you room and the desired look. Make up a design plan and measure your mattress before you start the project. Remember that you have limitless design options by using a wooden headboard. It can be colored and stained anyway you like.


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